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When you need IT Service for your computer network, Duke of Computers can provide you with the best technicians in the Las Vegas area. Whether the network is an office set up, or a home local area network of linked individual computers, we are able to address all your needs.

If you need us to service or repair an already existing network or set up a new one, we have the skills to solve any problem right at your site. We can work with your current equipment or provide you with new machines.


We will link your machines to each other and then to the internet if you so desire, making sure your firewalls are secure without hampering necessary communication. Our expert Duke of Computers technicians can setup the network, designing a local area network that works most efficiently for your needs.


When it comes to establishing the essentials for your computer network, Duke of Computers can bring the best solution to you. Hardware, software or computer repair,we can meet your system requirements throughout the Las Vegas area. Six days a week, we can make the trip to your home or office to provide you with the hands-on servicing you require or we can even provide remote service by secure internet connection.


Duke of Computers understands the complex issues regarding establishing a network, whether for a residence or for a business. We know that you want a secure installation, where each computer is protected, but you also want clear communication between each part of the network. We make sure the infrastructure for your specific network functions most efficiently for you. Whether it is linking a desktop to your laptop and tablet in a residence by wifi service, or connecting in-house servers and terminals for a business, our specialists will meet your needs.


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