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We pride ourselves on our thorough consultations with clients so that we can implement the best IT support for your budget and needs.

Our friendly and trusted staff can manage, deploy and administer IT systems, freeing you to focus on what you do best. Whether it be helping you to plan and purchase or setting up a home or office network, Duke of Computers can guide and support you every step of the way.


When you need advice about the computer system that best meets your needs, whether you are a business or an individual user, Duke of Computers has the experts who can help you. Computer Consulting Services bring to your keyboard the full expertise of an Information Technology (IT) Department. If you want to be certain you are making the best selection of equipment for your computing needs, Call Us now! 


Duke of Computers brings to you a valuable resource for all your technology needs. When we work with you, we will assess the type of computing power you need to have at hand. We realize that you might know what you want to do, and not know how much computing power you need to have available. By consulting with us, you can in the end save yourself money and aggravation.


We will bring to you (quite literally, since we do on-site consulting) the very best in customer service. We can analyze your equipment use, your systems operations, and help you design and implement a plan for future growth. By discussing your current needs and your future plans, Duke of Computers can help you schedule maintenance, system upgrades, and future purchases of additional computers and peripherals, all with an eye toward your own budget concerns.


Individual computer users may feel they have no need for the consulting services of an technologies expert, but with the ever expanding selection of devices and machines, getting advice could save a client money. We at Duke of Computers can help you determine if the tablet you are contemplating purchasing will be able to communicate with your PC or laptop. If you freelance in areas such as graphic design and 3D image rendering, our consultants will be able to help you be sure that your machine can process and render the images. (Did you know that most laptops, though able to play 3D animations do not have a video card powerful enough to do the rendering of original animations?)





We at Duke of Computers offer 1-on-1 lessons for the computer illiterate, semi-illiterate, and those feeling completely lost. We will teach you to use your computer like a pro with a personalized teaching plan. We come to your residence or place of business and teach you to use your computer; email, video and picture editing, printing and scanning and many other computer functions


We have over 15 years experience working with computers, the internet, teaching and tutoring others. There are never any dumb questions, just ones to learn from.

We guarantee you will come away feeling like you have learned something.


Don't be afraid to open that email, start your own Facebook page, or learn the basics to a less frustrating experience using your devices.

Master the basics of Microsoft Word, Photo Gallery, Facebook and more. We will cover everything that has to do with using PC's, laptops, tablets and smart phones. You will amaze your friends, coworkers, family AND grandkids when you are done!


  • Learn to use your new computer!

  • Computer and Internet basics.

  • Learn how to do video chat!

  • Transfer digital photos.

  • Learn to use the Internet!

  • Start sending & receiving E-Mails.

  • Facebook, Google and Twitter.

  • Learn how to print and scan.

  • Microsoft Office Products - Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

  • Using your Tablet & Smartphone

  • and much more...









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